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Telegram bots, what are they?

According to the documentation provided by Telegram, Bots are applications developed by third parties that run within Telegram. Users can then interact with these bots by sending them messages, commands and other on line requests.

WebDollar Tip Bot for Telegram, what is it?

Basically, it is a tool designed by the user @morion4000, part of the WebDollar development team, that facilitates the awarding of community active members.

What is Webdollar Tip Bot for?

As we all know, WebDollar is an Open Source project, where everyone can participate and contribute. To reward community members who actively participate in the development, creating social pages, software or anything else that can add value, there is a special dedicated reserve fund. There are also other users individuals and potential investors attending, willing to reward members directly from their portfolio. Currently, the main communication channel of Webdollar, is the Telegram chat available at the link below, which if you haven't already done it, we warmly invite you to join: Official Telegram Webdollar channel In this context, therefore, driven by the need to have a tool that would guarantee the possibility to quickly reward a community member with a tip in WebDollar, directly in the Telegram chat, has been created the WebDollar Tip Bot. As an example, here is a snapshot taken during the monthly compensation of some of the most active members of the community, showing the Tip Bot in action. With the latest updates, a new and very useful feature has been added: that of being able to staking, and therefore earn passively, with your own coins deposited directly in the Bot. According to the author, the annual earnings are equal to 18%, while the minimum amount required to use the service is of at least 2000 WEBD. Another recently added feature is that of being able to instantly buy WEBD directly from Bot via credit card, Apple or Google Play.

How does it work ?

In order to interact with the Tip Bot, you need to open a private chat directly with it, its Telegram id is @webdollar_tip_bot . Once the direct chat is open, send a message containing only the text /help . The Bot will respond by displaying a list with all available commands: The first thing to do is to set up your WEBD address using the command /setwallet WALLET where WALLET should be replaced with your valid WEBD address. Then, you can check if you have set correctly your address using the command /wallet showing the WEBD address you have just set, from which you may possibly withdraw or deposit WEBDs. Note: The WebDollars you have in the Bot are managed internally from the system in a WEBD address different than the one you have set with /setwallet WALLET. If you want to take WEBD from the Bot and send them in your address you must use the command /withdraw WEBD_VALUE, where you have to replace WEBD_VALUE with the amount of WEBD that you want to withdraw. To deposit WEBD in the bot instead, you have to use the command /deposit . The Tip Bot will answer you showing the internal address to which you have to send the WEBDs (just like in normal exchanges). Be sure to send the WEBD from the address you set with /setwallet WALLET. To check the WEBDs you have in the BOT use the command /tipbalance, that will show you the balance. In summary, the moment you receive a Tip this will be deposited in the system's internal address associated with your username, you can view the amount using /tipbalance. If instead you want to transfer WEBDs from the BoT to your address, which you specified with /setwallet WALLET, you have to use /withdraw WEBD_VALUE , replacing WEBD_VALUE , with the amount of WEBD you want to withdraw. At this point, you can send a tip in WEBD to any user, from any chat that has the Tip Bot WebDollar, using the command /tip @user_name WEBD_VALUE, where you have to replace WEBD_VALUE , with the amount of WEBD you want to donate. The following commands, on the other hand, are of an informative nature: /transactions - Shows the list of transactions associated with your account /fees - Shows the list of fees that you have already paid /staking - Shows the gains from stacking WEBDs /stats - Shows Tip Bot stats /scoreboard - Show the list of Top 10 users tips. Finally, the command /topup - allows you to buy WEBD directly from the Bot via credit card, Apple or Google Pay, as shown in the following image:
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