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The currency of the World Wide Web:

Shortened with the term WEBD, Webdollar is a cryptocurrency native to the web and designed to be easily integrated into any browser, which aims to increase significantly the mass adoption of decentralized currencies. Webdollar offers the ability to send and receive online payments via any Internet Browser without having to go through other financial institutions or, as in the case of Bitcoin, having to use other intermediary channels. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that require technical knowledge and that to be mined need the installation of specific terminal applications and the download of the entire blockchain, Webdollar focuses on simplicity of use by offering a user interface very intuitive to which anyone can log in directly from the website. Integrate the Webdollar user interface into any web page is very simple: just include a single line of code and your website will have all the Webdollar features.
WebDollar white paperWebDollar White Paper - Technical and detailed presentation of the projectCalcolatore PoSPoS Calculator
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How to mine WebDollar
Webdollar is the simplest and easiest cryptocurrency to use. Let's find out together how to start mining.
Linux terminal mining
Follow our step by step tutorial on how to install and get started with the most efficient Webdollar miner.
Browser Mining
Connect to the website and start mining immediately, find out how easy is to use Webdollar.io .
New WebDollar Airdrop
To celebrate the shift to the PoS 90% mining system, the Webdollar community has launched a new campaign of Airdrop.
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